Available Territories and Growth Markets

Pent-up demand and unprecedented brand affinity fuel aggressive domestic expansion

After years of building our footprint internationally, our new company leadership is poised to strategically grow Tony Roma’s franchise domestically in the United States and Canada. Our exciting Tony Roma’s 2.0 restaurant design, beginning with our flagship restaurant in Orlando on International Drive, is a refreshing new look that is ushering in a new generation of faithful Tony Roma’s fans.

With more than 150 locations in more than 30 countries, Tony Roma’s offers significant room for growth domestically. Our restaurant has the potential to thrive in major metropolitan areas, shopping malls, secondary markets.  Ideal locations have high foot traffic and areas with a population of about 120,000 people.

Tony Roma's Franchise

The U.S. and Canadian markets are wide open. “The opportunity is phenomenal with plenty of untapped territories. We have a lot of opportunity in terms of geographical span of control in Canada and the U.S.,” says John Brisco, President Global Franchise.

Our vision and leadership are setting us up to expand, with particular emphasis on domestic growth. We are poised to open 250 new locations in the U.S. and Canada over the next decade as we reinvent and strengthen our already-resilient brand. The markets identified range from massive metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Houston or Los Angeles, through the medium-sized markets such as Asheville, North Carolina, and Salinas, California, to smaller cities like Sebring, Florida, and Kalispell, Montana.

Tony Roma’s competes in a thriving upscale restaurant market that still shows significant space to expand. We’re uniquely positioned to take advantage of current dining trends in smaller cities like Hot Springs, Arkansas, where our smaller footprint gives us a tremendous amount of competitive edge over larger restaurant operations.Baby Backs_Full Rack- Tony Roma's franchise for sale

There also exists an overwhelming affinity for our brand among medium and larger cities — places where Tony Roma’s is a familiar name, and we have choice locations available throughout the United States in places such as Shreveport, Louisiana; Huntsville, Alabama; and Lansing, Michigan. For the ambitious entrepreneur who’s looking to become the next titan of local restaurateurs, some of the larger metropolitan centers are great areas to consider a multi-unit development. Just imagine opening a string of Tony Roma’s across the Minneapolis-St. Paul area or owning three or four locations scattered between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. The only limitation to our reach is your level of drive.

Locations that boast a large daytime population with lunchtime business traffic do well. We are also looking for sites with above-average affluence, lifestyle and business activities in close proximity and high traffic counts for customers on foot and in vehicles. Choice locations have good visibility to street traffic, as well as ample parking. Entertainment-focused locations that work well in popular tourist spots and bustling suburban areas also make ideal locations for a Tony Roma’s. Our upscale casual dining restaurant concept works where other polished casual concepts work.

Tony Roma’s franchise works in a variety of location types, and our newer restaurants focus on in-line or end cap structures. You can purchase land and build your location from the ground up, you can lease property, you can purchase an existing building for conversion or you can build out an in-line or end cap restaurant. Our corporate team works closely with you during the site selection process to ensure the location meets our guidelines.