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Chef David Smith Tony Roma'sAt Tony Roma’s, we treat guests as if they were in our own home. Our inviting hospitality and attention to detail begin with extensive team training that instills the level of professionalism that is a hallmark of our dining experience worldwide. Because we are a global concept, we want to ensure that guests receive a consistent Tony Roma’s experience.

We create relationships, build guest affinity, increase guest counts, drive sales and always strive to delight customers.

“Tony Roma’s is a globally recognized name in casual dining,” says Interim CEO & General Counsel (Outside) Mohaimina Haque, who helps open Tony Roma’s restaurants around the world. “The brand affinity is unbelievable.  We focus on the guest experience, consistency and quality — so that no matter where you are in the world, the Tony Roma’s experience inspires that same feeling.”

Training instills excellence at all levels

Opening day at a new Tony Roma’s location actually begins with support six months out, with an intense focus on management training to ensure that every aspect of the restaurant, from food prep to finances, is as efficient as possible.

Over the course of his 20-plus-year restaurant industry career, franchisee Rick Kille has witnessed training during many new store openings, including other restaurant brands, and was thrilled with the Thunder Bay launch. “Tony Roma’s support staff is absolutely great and very knowledgeable. They know exactly what they need to do. They come into the location and they are ready to go. We witnessed this in Thunder Bay, which had one of the smoothest store openings that I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with. It went off without a hitch and that’s rare. That really is a credit to the trainers who were sent up here. They did a great job for us, and I probably can’t say enough about that,” says franchisee Rick Kille.

A fun, family-like culture

As we train team members with a focus on being operationally excellent, we also focus on fun as we strengthen the culture of hospitality we are known for. “We start with the end in mind – an amazing guest experience.  Through being brilliant with the basics and seeking to create an amazing team member experience, we are able to replicate successful results for all stakeholders”


“The people running your restaurants are the most important part of the team,” Interim CEO & General Counsel (Outside) Mohaimina Haque. “The employees and the managers are the brand packaging in the restaurants.”

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