What Makes a Good Location?

Tony Roma’s upscale casual dining concept thrives in urban areas with busy foot and vehicle traffic

Tony Roma’s has the potential to thrive in major metropolitan areas, shopping malls, secondary markets.  Ideal locations have high foot traffic and areas with about 120,000 people.

Locations that boast a large daytime population with lunchtime business traffic do well. We are also looking for sites with above average affluence, lifestyle and business activities in close proximity and high traffic counts for both on-foot customers as well as vehicles. Choice locations include areas of entertainment where tourists tend to visit and should have good visibility to street traffic as well as ample parking. Our upscale casual dining restaurant concept works where other polished casual locations work.

Tony Roma's franchise

Tony Roma’s works in a variety of location types and our newer restaurants shift from a stationary freestanding location to in-line or end caps. You can purchase land and build your location from the ground up, lease property and purchase an existing building for conversion or build out an in-line or end cap restaurant. Our corporate team works closely with you during the site selection process to ensure the location meets our guidelines.

A freestanding location for a Tony Roma’s restaurant features on average between 4,900 and 5,600 square feet. An ideal freestanding location candidate may also be a restaurant previously operated under a different brand that has been fully converted to a Full-Service Restaurant with a freestanding or inline location featuring a larger footprint of 5,400 to 7,000 square feet. Our highly successful Thunder Bay location in Canada is an example of a larger square footage restaurant and our wildly popular International Drive location in Orlando is an example of a successful end cap location.

Tony-Roma's franchise infographic

Many of our most popular locations, such as International Drive, are in tourism-saturated regions. Tourists from around the world love finding the consistency and quality of our delicious ribs and other menu items when they travel abroad and seek out our restaurants when they are away from home.

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